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Covid-19: A call for calm

Fiona Ellwood, patron of the Society of British Dental Nurses, shares her insight into the current crisis and offers some timely advice.

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COVID-19: Stay healthy

Dentist Hina Patel is a Nutrition and Stress Management Coach. Here, she shares some ways to help you keep your wellbeing in check during these trouble times.

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Your professional antennae

​Your role as a dental nurse requires you to have an eye for detail and a sixth sense for the nuances of people’s moods – colleagues as well as patients.

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My Mouth Cancer Action event

Dental nurse Kelly Brown shares her Mouth Cancer Action Month initiative. With a passion for supporting the provision of care to vulnerable adults across Birmingham, in particular homeless persons across the city, her audience was a targeted one...

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Stoptober returns

Patricia Rawsthorne, SBDN NW Ambassador Smoking Cessation Lead, reports on this month's Stoptober, a campaign originally launched in 2012.

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Helping your career

I​n an endeavour to ensure a great monthly read, the team at Dental Nursing always strives to include valuable learning experiences – and, thanks to our expanded editorial board, we have some exciting topics and ideas in the pipeline.

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Salesmanship of dental care

​We all have strong opinions on topics and causes close to our heart – and we are lucky to live in a democratic society in which everyone has the right to express them.

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Dental nurses are heroes!

​It has been more than two years since I took over the editorship of Dental Nursing and, in that time, have had my eyes opened as to just how multifaceted the role of a dental nurse can be.

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Spring has sprung

Well, it should do anytime soon... This season is traditionally considered a time of rebirth and new beginnings.

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Is ‘talking sex’ taboo?

​The way we communicate with each other has been shaped over the years in mores, trends and values as well as the technology that enhances (or arguably, hinders) the process.

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Peace to all the dental team

Trust, empathy and honesty lies at the heart of dental care – but does your attitude towards workplace colleagues reflect this?