I​n an endeavour to ensure a great monthly read, the team at Dental Nursing always strives to include valuable learning experiences – and, thanks to our expanded editorial board, we have some exciting topics and ideas in the pipeline.

1 August sees the launch of the enhanced CPD scheme for DCPs and CPD now has to be quality assured if it is to be counted as verifiable.

This prerequisite from the General Dental Council (GDC) has demanded a number of changes in how we put together the journal – and we have reacted, raising the bar in how we deliver high quality educational articles. Thanks to our new and experienced peer review panel – all experts in their field – we will assess each and every CPD article in this journal before we share it with you.

In essence, peer review involves sharing any author’s scholarly work and research with our panel so that it comes under the scrutiny of experts who can check its validity and evaluate suitability for publication.

Our peer review panel helps us to decide whether an article should be accepted or if it needs amending to achieve the necessary quality level.

It’s a major undertaking but we believe that an investment of your time and money in Dental Nursing should be rightly rewarded. It is therefore our job to deliver a guaranteed high-end learning experience month in month out.

Each month, once you have read our CPD article and answered the questions available online, there is then an expectation upon you to consider what you have learnt, think about its helpfulness and relevance and consider whether it helped you to identify any necessary changes to the way you work.

A four-page feature in the July issue offered our readers a comprehensive guide to the new rules regarding ECPD, so do make sure you read up on what is expected of you going forward.

In this issue, the CPD paper focuses on radiography. It aims to help you understand your scope of practice with the post-registration qualification certificate in dental radiography. It also shows how this can enhance and develop your professional life and career.

Upcoming CPD articles include topics, such as clinical photography, medical emergencies, raising concerns and safeguarding vulnerable adults.

Additionally, if there are any topics you feel relevant to your everyday practising life and would like us to source an author qualified to share key knowledge, then do get in touch.

In the meantime, enjoy the summer and kick back to read our bumper August issue. Highlights include the dos and don’ts of plagiarism, how to move on to a treatment coordinator role, dyslexia and dentistry, the ‘cracker challenge’ and how we can all help each other to avoid burnout.

Plus, we celebrate the astonishing career longevity of retired dental nurse Elaine Cavey and, fittingly this summer issue, investigate the undersea world of dental nurse Sarah Jones.

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