Peter Bacon, technical director at Dentisan, teaches readers about the challenges of combatting the most contagious infectious diseases in the dental practice
Kelly Henderson discusses ‘the cornerstone of all good relationships and good dental practice’ in this CPD article
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Glenys Bridges considers the who, what, why, where and when
Linda Walker considers this important topic in relation to General Dental Council (GDC) Standards and the introduction of GDPR
Practice policy and your role in the protection of adults vulnerable to an integral part of organised crime
Christine MacLeavy considers the effective application of fluoride varnish in this peer-reviewed CPD article
Kelly Henderson considers how photography as a dental record can aid your practice, clinical skills and become your indisputable evidence should you need it.
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Lesley Redman considers the importance of oral desensitisation in relation to dementia and additional needs
Phil Jevon walks us through the procedure for placing a patient in the recovery position in this peer-reviewed CPD article
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Having the post-registration qualification of dental radiography under your belt can expand your horizons, your practical skills, and the scope of your professional life. Hannah Fullerton explains how this new aspect to your role adds extra responsibility and focus
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