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Rebecca Silver explains the ABCDE approach of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the dental practice
Laura Yates discusses the problem of biofilm formation and management strategies to inhibit the growth of biofilms in DUWLs, to ensure water quality meets all required UK regulatory standards and to reduce potential risk factors for both patients and staff
George Wright gives a step-by-step guide for dental nurses
Laura Yates reviews some positive elements arising from the pandemic
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Covid-19: A call for calm

Fiona Ellwood, patron of the Society of British Dental Nurses, shares her insight into the current crisis and offers some timely advice.

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Finding the right support

The Eastman Dental Hospital Education Centre team discuss the financial help available to aspiring dental hygiene and dental therapy students

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‘Knowledge makes you stronger’

Julie Bissett discusses how one dental nurse’s experience of domestic abuse set her on the road to self-help – and a quest to support other victims

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Removing barriers

Diane Rochford asks you to consider whether your services are accessible to the visually impaired