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Are you ready?

Julie Bissett and Alex Keir consider some key ingredients of every successful job interview

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Why volunteer?

Last year, Justine Nuzzo celebrated 30 years as a dental nurse and volunteered with the charity, Dental Mavericks, thinking ‘what a great way to give back to a profession that has given me so much’…

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School’s out!

For Beeston Dental Practice & Implant Clinic, dentistry is more than just treating patients in the chair. Here, dental nurse Emily Reston shares the team’s passion for oral health promotion that goes beyond the four walls of the surgery

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The dental Oracle

We hear from dental nurse Jo Russell who runs a specialised training and consultancy for practice teams

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Taking it to the next level

Orthodontic dental nurse Joe Tyson suggests you need to be one step ahead if you are to enjoy this new stage of your career ladder

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The evolution

Charlotte Leggatt considers this multifaceted role in ever-changing times

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Fairground attraction

It’s hard to imagine many party venues that light up a face in the way Happy Kids Dental can – and this paediatric dental practice is not just creating smiles in the chair. Here, one of its dental nurses Petra Vassell shares her experience

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Making mouths matter

A pioneering new programme called Mini Mouthcare Matters (Mini MCM) recently launched at Great Ormond Street Hospital to deliver training in oral health care. We hear from dental nurse Claire Fletcher about the project

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Online dental care

‘I’ve yet to meet someone who enjoys parking their rear end in a dental chair’ oral health coach Leigh Hunter on her 21st-century approach to dentistry

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On the right track

Debra Worthington is an orthodontic nurse and president of the Orthodontic National Group. She shares her career journey…

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Dental nursing

Dentists who have studied dentistry outside the EU are required to take the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) in order to become registered with the General Dental Council and practise as a dentist in the UK. Some are turning to dental nursing while they wait. Emma Male reports

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A day in the life

‘I’ve come so far from not knowing a mirror from a probe’ – dental nurse and self-confessed dental geek, Carmel Wood, talks us through this role