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A dental adventure!

Danielle Tesch tells Dental Nursing about her team’s rewarding experiences overseas and hopes to do more.

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Going for it!

Hayley O’Neill discusses her transition from budding dental nurse to flourishing entrepreneur.

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Strengthening our skills

Lauren Chipman takes us on her dental nursing journey, detailing the benefits of studying radiography.

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Working with ADHD

Hannah Burrow highlights how to address the challenges of working with this common and varied condition.

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Something to smile about

Marijka Barber discusses the great work being done to raise awareness and address children's oral health.

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Change is in the air…

Hoda Wassif discusses navigating change in dental practice, from leadership to implementation.

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A valuable role

Hayley Pearson outlines what it entails to be an implant nurse practitioner.

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Progress over perfection

Clementine Rees Brown discusses Sara do Carmo’s journey in dental nursing and passion for sustainability. 

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Behind prison walls

Clementine Rees Brown speaks to prisoner’s ‘Nurse one’ to discuss the difference dental visits can make to a prisoners day.