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On the right track

Debra Worthington is an orthodontic nurse and president of the Orthodontic National Group. She shares her career journey…

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Dental nursing

Dentists who have studied dentistry outside the EU are required to take the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) in order to become registered with the General Dental Council and practise as a dentist in the UK. Some are turning to dental nursing while they wait. Emma Male reports

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A day in the life

‘I’ve come so far from not knowing a mirror from a probe’ – dental nurse and self-confessed dental geek, Carmel Wood, talks us through this role

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Take the plunge!

Throughout the UK, the structure and complexity of dental practice management is changing rapidly. Glenys Bridges considers these changes for dental nurses looking for a new career path

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Guns to gums

Shaun Howe is a dental therapist working in the public dental service for NHS Shetland, is an NEBDN examiner and a dental nurse tutor. Here, he shares his career path

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She's football crazy

Stacy Wright is a 31-year-old Manchester City fan and dental nurse who is treatment coordinator and patient care advisor at two cosmetic dental practices in Manchester

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Suction in the sunshine

Sarah Jones combines life as a dental nurse in Abu Dhabi with her passion for deep sea diving. Here, she shares her life – on land and off – with Julie Bissett

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Time to take the next step?

Are you trained to communicate at the optimum level? The role of a treatment coordinator is to remove 90% of non-clinical dentistry from the dentist. So, what does it take to have impact and get results? We hear from award-winning dentist Andrea Ubhi and dental nurse and TCO Carmel Wood

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‘42 years ago

We hear from dental nurse Elaine Cavey who waved farewell to her long career in dentistry earlier in the summer, having worked along the same dentist for 30 years

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‘Tradition needs disrupting’

From dental nurse to businesswoman, DigiDentistry’s Chloe Barrett speaks about her entrepreneurial venture and how she's revolutionising dental education