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A leap of faith

Professor Bob Ireland offers a step-by-step guide to taking that jump into the world of research

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The art of volunteering

With an unrivalled commitment to volunteering with Dental Mavericks, dental nurse Gina Goddard explains why all her annual leave is spent helping others out of dental pain

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One step ahead

A smile, a positive outlook and a well-supported team – Emma Anastasi shares her ‘must haves' for a happy working dental environment

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How to perfect a performance

Karen Robinson shares her tips to help you fine tune your management skills so you and your team hit the right notes every time

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The twice-daily struggle to clean her first child’s teeth left entrepreneur Sian Ellingworth at a loss. Seeing a gap in the market, she came up with the perfect solution…

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Dental care

Meet dentist Paul Cassar and dental nurse Charlotte Callaway-Goldstone, who are providing dental care to a very different kind of patient away from their high street practice…

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Start. Run. Grow.

Dental nurses Apri Kauldhar and Heidi Price hit the groud running when their joint entrepreneurial spirit spurred them on to start their own business. Here, they share their journey...

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Chief Petty Officer Janice Hearne talks about a role that has far exceeded all her expectations

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The perfect match!

Joshtyn Ann Omidvaran is an award-winning practice manager. Here, she offers some insider tips on how to stand out from the crowd in order to secure your next dental nursing job

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Are you the ace in the pack?

The role of a treatment coordinator adds precious value to a dental nursing career, to a practice and to its patients. Diamond Dental Staff’s Emma Anastasi explains why