There is nothing quite like great feedback or a good chat – one simple connection can make your day.

Helping colleagues as well as championing others in the workplace both play an important role in our job satisfaction.

Indeed, it can be hugely beneficial to all of us if we to support each other.

In a WhatsApp group for dental nurses, members generously share their experiences, tips and insight into the profession to help each other when anyone reaches out – and additionally will chat about topics unconnected to dental nursing. Small gestures such as these have made a huge difference in the past six months – and it is reassuring to know that, when life gets tough, we still have the opportunity to connect at a very human level albeit digitally.

Reports suggest the women have been disproportionately affected in the workplace and, arguably, within dentistry, particularly so.

Reading around social media posts, there is some anecdotal evidence that a large number of dental nurses are considering leaving the profession – due to the pressures of COVID-19, low pay and a general opinion that they frequently feel undervalued.

There have been job losses in female-dominated industries, too, with many working mums affected by lack of childcare support. So, all in all, these past six months or so have proved challenging for many of you.

Lift and connect

Policies that enable teams to do their job efficiently whilst balancing this with their home life expectations are essential to workplace wellbeing as well.

Lifting colleagues and connecting with other dental nurses can have a beneficial effect when it comes to the culture of your workplace and can be a great way to demonstrate your leadership skills, too.

Listen to the needs of others and take action if it is within your remit to do so. Be flexible and inclusive when it comes to problem-solving – sometimes, those with the challenge have the best solution.

Leaders should look to empower teams, ensure they are investing in their own physical and mental health and help to foster a culture that helps the whole team to support each other and function happily.

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