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It’s confidential

Dena Andrews looks at the stresses on mental health within dentistry, and who to can reach out to.

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?What to expect…

Charlotte Wake discusses periodontitis, pregnancy, and the oral health of newborns.

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What can be done?

Rebecca Waters ponders how we can address the use of plastics in dentistry.

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The blurring of problems

Fiona Ellwood, on behalf of the Society of British Dental Nurses, outlines the challenges of confusing current issues in dentistry, and having the wrong conversations at the wrong table.

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Why we must act now

Ingrid Perry discusses the importance of oral health prevention and how initiatives have the power to reduce health inequalities across the UK.

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Efficient record keeping

Ala Rozwadowska speaks with Carla Westwood about the importance of meticulous record keeping in dentistry.

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Striving for growth

​Rebecca Silver discusses oral health education and career aspirations with Lucy Blodau.

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You, me and us

Fiona Ellwood discusses the current state of mental health and wellness in dentistry.

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Love in practice

Sarah Buxton discusses the implications of intra-practice romance.

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Going cold turkey

Julia Svec explains why bruxism is a habit patients need to get out of.