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Take a closer look

Kimberley Lloyd-Rees explains why patients should reconsider their oral hygiene routine

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British Sign Language:

Dental nurse Charlotte Mercer discusses how this skill can add a different dimension to patient communication and help to make your dental practice more inclusive

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Puzzling times

Danielle Schroven considers the virtues of investing in quality, comfortable personal protective equipment for the long-term – for the benefit of you and your patients

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Rapport to the rescue

Rosie Connell shares her thoughts on how to communicate sensitive messages to patients, whilst building and maintaining a good relationship

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The secrets

Qualifying in Ireland during a pandemic, Rebecca Fitzsimons explains why working with multiple dentists gets her out of her comfort zone and shares tips on adapting to the different clinicians

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What does it take

Leah Nickless won the Society of British Dental Nurses’ Outstanding Dental Nurse Award last year. Here, she talks about her brilliant career

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Roadmap back

Practice manager Kim Payne shares her experience of getting children back on track

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Mask wear

Communication has become something of a challenge during the pandemic for dental teams. Dental nurse Danielle Schroven shares her experience

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Severe anxiety

Dhruvi Patel tells her story of how anxiety has affected the career she so clearly adores – and shares some of her management tips

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There are many paths

Dental nursing doesn’t always get the praise it deserves. Here, Farah Saleem assesses the landscape to reset your parameters and guide you on a rewarding journey