How many of us have questioned out attitudes towards our day-to-day living circumstances in these strange and unpleasant times?

Everything we have ever taken for granted has been turned upside down amid a global crisis – never experienced before.

Haven’t we all chastised ourselves for taking for granted our family and friends, our freedom and perhaps even the daily grind and our jobs?

The unbelievable speed in which coronavirus ripped through our societies has left many of us reeling – and forced us all to re-evaluate the status quo to some extent or another.

This deadly virus has shut down practices, pushed some on you onto the frontline fighting COVID-19 alongside healthcare colleagues and left many of you furloughed and unsure of what the future holds for you and your career.

So, whilst some of you have taken up the mantle and been redeployed to use your skillset in other capacities, others are left fighting red tape in order to understand what it means for them regarding pay and job status.

Ultimately, once we come out of this tunnel, what will it mean for the way dentistry is delivered? What will we have learned and how will we prepare for a return to work?

In the May issue of Dental Nursing, we hear from dental nurses on the frontline as well as how life has change for one – before the lockdown and afterwards. We also take a look at what might change in practice due to impact this pandemic has had – from the technology we use in surgery to the role dental nurses have to play in infection control.

And, for the future, we take a look at other ways of working – that of the locum dental nurse. HDS Locums’ Stacey Greer offers tips on how to step into new shoes, while Eloise Meldrum looks at the pros and cons. And in a positive article, dental therapist Amber Ojak explains why she cannot be without her dental nurse Kim Robb by her side.

In the meantime, try not to believe everything you read on social media forums. Remember your trusted representative professional bodies are there to help you extrapolate fact from fiction. There has never been a better time for them to demonstrate their support to dental nurses by stepping up to the bar and representing your best interests as well as providing you with reassurance, support and information. We are stronger together.

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