Amanda Jackson will be speaking at the ADI Team Congress within the Dental Nurses’ & Practice Managers’ Programme, discussing ‘implant decontamination’.

She says, “At the ADI Team Congress we will be looking at the main challenges of dental implant decontamination in dental practice with regards to training, time management, following manufactures instructions and HTM 01 05.

“With all infection control practices, it is the little things that can cause problems. It only takes one person to move or set something in the wrong place to cause a change and create poor practice. Training in the decontamination processes and workflow is necessary to ensure operators do not negatively impact the workflow. Completing decontamination audits can show how we can ensure we are meeting the required standards or highlight areas for improvements. This ensures we keep not only ourselves safe but also our patients, which is a top priority.

“You may be thinking, ‘I have heard the decontamination process talk before!’. However, there is always room to improve and attending the ADI Team Congress will not only help you meet the GDC CPD requirements, but it will also give you an opportunity to take time away from the surgery, hopefully as a team, to reflect on your dental implant decontamination processes, check if you are following manufacturer’s instructions, think about how your local decontamination unit works, how you store equipment and what records you keep. This ensures you are maintaining costly dental implant equipment to prolong its life but, more importantly, this session can bring new ideas. You may have that light bulb moment for how to improve practice. You will go back to work full of enthusiasm to make changes to implant decontamination and work towards best practice.”

The ADI Team Congress, ‘The Great Debate’, is taking place May 26-28, 2022, at Manchester Central. ADI members will be able to attend the ADI Team Congress for discounted rates. For more information visit