A look at a new Unilever CPD platform for oral health learning

In recent months, online learning has taken on a new focus and level of importance – and is considered to be a key essential for any dental professional’s development.

Now clinicians and their teams can sharpen their knowledge about two game-changing oral health concepts with the announcement that an exciting new CPD platform featuring two learning hubs has just been launched by Unilever, programme developed by George Warman Publications, the publishers of Dental Update, Orthodontic Update, The Dentist and Dental Nursing.

The new Regenerate and Zendium digital learning hubs have been specifically created to help dental professionals expand their understanding of two hot topics; tooth erosion and the enrichment of a healthy oral microbiome.

The launch of these portals reflects Unilever’s commitment to developing sophisticated and differentiated products that are steeped in science, and then sharing this knowledge to provide the profession with a deeper understanding of the science and how to apply it.

Unilever’s digital learning hubs each include a number of modules, which have been housed in two easy-to-access and simple-to-navigate portals.

Because people learn in different ways, there is a range of learning options they can access, including engaging webinars, CPD educational modules, videos, as well as downloadable resources. Some of the elements allow participants to gain verifiable CPD on the completion of online questions at the conclusion of the modules.

In the Regenerate portal expert lecturers have been co-opted to discuss new thinking about the clinical diagnosis and management of erosive tooth wear and the new capacity for enamel regeneration. In the other portal they teach about the active promotion of a balanced and healthy oral microbiome, all the more important now that the use of antimicrobial mouthwashes is now a requirement at the start of all in practice consultations. Both have unique aspects to them which are changing the way practitioners care for their patients’ oral status.

The material is delivered by world authorities including David Bartlett, Professor of Prosthodontics, King’s College London, and Iain Chapple, Professor of Periodontology and head of the School of Dentistry at the University of Birmingham, and leading dentist Ben Atkins, president of the Oral Health Foundation, as well as some of Europe’s leading experts.

Tooth erosion

The number of people with erosive tooth wear is increasing and the early identification of those patients at risk is key to its long-term management.According to the Adult Dental Health Survey, more than three quarters of dentate adults (77%) show some tooth wear in their anterior teeth, 15% show moderate wear and 2% show severe wear.

With a new study conducted on behalf of the Oral Health Foundation revealing 38% of UK adults are snacking more since the national lockdown was announced at the end of March, now is the time for clinicians to address the impact whilst avoiding invasive dental procedures.

There is also a need for clinicians to differentiate between erosion, abrasion and attrition in order to understand and treat the oral health implications. Regenerate Enamel Science with NR-5 Technology is the only oral care regime designed to help restore lost enamel mineral with hydroxyapatite. This technology is clinically proven to form new hydroxyapatite onto enamel and the system has more than 10 years of research to support it.

Balancing the oral microbiome

With an understanding of oral-systemic links continuing to expand, Unilever’s second new digital portal will shine a light on the oral microbiome. Its Zendium brand is a fluoride toothpaste which strengthens the mouth’s natural defences by balancing the oral microbiome. It contains natural enzymes and proteins inspired by those found in saliva, and significantly boosts beneficial bacteria in the mouth for a prebiotic benefit. Zendium is the only toothpaste with a prebiotic benefit supported by peer-reviewed clinical evidence, with microbiomic and gingival health studies. Zendium is also SLS-free, with further clinical evidence to support its gentleness on delicate oral epithelia. This makes Zendium suitable for patients looking for a kinder and natural approach to oral health, without compromising efficacy.

The Zendium Hub also features a growing library of CPD modules, which become all the more significant because of a need for knowledge about the effects of the mouth/body connection.

The two new learning portals can be used by all members of the dental team to supplement their learning, or dental students taking a first delve into the subjects.

Access to the educational portals are free of charge. Please visit www.regenerate-learninghub.co.uk and www.zendium-learninghub.co.uk