LBC presenter, Nick Ferrari, commented on a survey of teachers from the British Dental Association and Beauty Bank during his show on February 6, 2023.

The data revealed that four in five teachers are providing pupils with toothpaste and brushes.

Responding to the research, presenter Nick Ferrari said, “If you are a mum and, or a dad, and you haven’t got money to buy your child a toothbrush, you should never have become a parent in the first place.”

A clip featuring Nick’s comments was posted on LBC’s Twitter feed and immediately drew criticism in the comments.

Carol Vorderman responded to the post writing, “I grew up in poverty and language like this is humiliating. My Mum (three kids and five part-time jobs) could only afford one tub of hot water/week. Sunday night a few inches of hot water in the bath and we'd take it in turns to wash quickly. No money for heating/clothes, but she was a great Mum.”

The TV personality, best known for appearing on Countdown, was praised by other users for sharing her story and has prompted others to respond.

One user said, “People's circumstances change. My mum, for example? Complications during pregnancy, with longer-term health issues. My dad was made redundant and later diagnosed with longer-term health issues due to chemicals he'd worked with.”

Several responses pointed out that the rising “inflation and energy prices” are having a significant impact on household spending.

Another user said, “a simplistic and very insulting attitude to all parents struggling financially. Such views are held by people financially well set up who have no idea, or forgot what it is to struggle.”

In June 2022, the Oral Health Foundation released data revealing that one in four UK adults was cutting back on oral health products as a result of the rising cost of living. The survey also highlighted that 25 per cent of parents were spending less on their oral health in order to look after their children’s teeth.