The cleaning and disinfection of your treatment centre will preserve its life as well as protecting both patients and staff against infection.

That is why Belmont has developed a range of care products to ensure their new equipment retains its aesthetics.

The products can be divided into two categories – chair maintenance (B100 & B300) and dental unit waterline protection (B700 & B900).

Chairs need to be wiped down between patients and for such regular use you need a fast-acting upholstery cleaner that will not damage artificial leather; B300 does just that. It has reduced levels of alcohol so that over time it will prevent brittle, cracked surfaces.

However, it is bactericidal (even killing TB), yeasticidal and has limited virucidal impact, being effective against non-enveloped viruses, including norovirus.

The perfect adjunct to this is B100, an intensive cleaner designed for occasional use, to remove stains of all kinds as well as discolouration. Despite its rigorous cleaning action, it will not damage your upholstery.

The daily care of your waterlines is another routine hygiene task that must be carried out. B700 is a tried and tested maintenance solution for waterlines. It maintains the water flowing through your unit and will minimize the potential for biofilm formation. B700 is supplied in a single-dose sachet. B700 is also non-effervescent, which means it can be used instantly.

Before you start using B700 it is essential that you test and ‘shock’ your system using the B900 kit. This will remove any existing biofilm. Thereafter, you’re advised to perform this quarterly to prevent the build-up of future biofilm. The B900 kit contains a box of five shock bottles, tester strips and 10 dipstick slides for ‘before’ and ‘after’ evaluation.

For your convenience Belmont have also put together a starter kit, called B500, so that you can test and treat your water lines with minimal investment.

Whether you have a new or older Belmont unit, you can contact your dealer to order products from the range and ensure your unit remains looking and functioning optimally.