For 15 years, Jenny Harris has worked to raise awareness of safeguarding issues in the dental world and beyond.

The project lead for the landmark document, Child Protection and the Dental Team, she has been wholly committed to ensuring that dental neglect is recognised as a potential marker for child maltreatment.

This month, in recognition of her outstanding contribution in this area, she was awarded Honorary Membership of the Council of the NSPCC.

Taken into account was her commitment to child safeguarding and 11 years membership of the charity’s Health Liaison Committee on which she has represented the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD).

Jenny is a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry in Sheffield, working both in the Community Dental Service and at the Charles Clifford Hospital, and, in addition to her representation with NSPCC, is also Membership Secretary for the BSPD.

Speaking after the presentation of the award, Jenny described her role with the NSPCC as a privilege, adding: 'It’s been fascinating to work with an organisation so committed to listening to children’s voices and improving their lives. What I have learned from working with the NSPCC has been channelled back through BSPD and shared more widely with the dental profession.'

Jenny said she was very grateful to her team of colleagues in Sheffield, including the clinic receptionists and dental nurses, who through their work have helped her to define what is best practice.

Liz Roebuck, BSPD President, said: 'This recognition is hugely deserved. Jenny’s work has helped build awareness both within the dental profession and beyond, stimulating cross-profession collaboration. Through it, some of the most vulnerable in our Society have been protected and we hope that on behalf of them, and BSPD, Jenny will continue to champion work in this area.'