​The Society of British Dental Nurses (SBDN) has launched National Dental Nurses Day in honour of those dental nurses out there who are proud to be dental nurses.

Dental nurses are the largest body of dental professionals on the General Dental Council (GDC) register and yet have only been eligible to register since 2006 and then required to be on the GDC register since 2008. The first examination took place on 22 November 1943 – the Examination for Dental Nurses and Assistants – so what better day to celebrate dental nursing than this one?

The Society believes this national event serves as a recognition and celebration of dental nurses ‘underpinning our ethos of dental nurse education, learning, training and development’.

It is urging everyone to join them in shouting from the rooftops about the value of dental nurses and is also marking the occasion by staging an awards event.

Society patron Fiona Ellwood explains: ‘We are key team members in the smooth running of the clinical settings and in patient care and we felt we needed to mark the role in some way. We are also looking for an outstanding student dental nurse, dental nurse tutor and dental nurse – individuals who have gone that extra mile, who have excelled and who have made a difference.

‘There are so many individuals out there who work tirelessly for the good of the profession and for patient care and their wellbeing, yet there is very little recognition for them. We are are the largest GDC registrant group, so let's celebrate this and our evolving role. Nominate someone today!’

For further information – or to share your pictures and activities – email admin.bdns.org.uk

To nominate, go to http://sbdn.org.uk/nominations/