Aquafresh has launched a new campaign to help educate both parents and children on the importance of good oral health. The new Shine Bright campaign will include a partnership with Tesco, a school programme and influencer partnerships, all of which will aim to educate and encourage better oral health amongst children to prevent rising tooth decay.

A quarter of five-year-olds experience tooth decay – the majority of which are untreated. The pandemic has made the issue even more challenging, with consumers affected by a perceived lack of access to dentists for check-ups and treatments resulting in 43 per cent of Brits visiting a dentist less often. Additionally, online schooling has made it harder for educational settings to reinforce the importance of oral healthcare, something that a quarter of parents rely on.

Hannah Rogers, Aquafresh senior brand manager at GSK, comments, “With so many children suffering from tooth decay, it’s our responsibility to educate both parents and children on the importance of taking care of their teeth. Our three-part Shine Bright campaign will provide support for children to look after their oral health right from their first tooth. By teaching and reinforcing good oral health from an early age, we firmly believe we can not only combat tooth decay in children but also make a massive difference to the good oral health of older consumers too.”

As part of the campaign, Tesco shoppers will be offered a free oral health educational pack as a gift when purchasing Aquafresh kids’ products. In addition, a QR link will feature across point of sale displays in store which will take shoppers to further information on oral healthcare at the Aquafresh website.

The Shine Bright Academy schools programme will offer lesson plans, teacher notes, activity packs and a competition, driving oral care education and engagement in the school setting. Promoted through the National Schools Partnership, the programme will link in with breakfast clubs supporting the large proportions of families that attend them.