​Thumbsie has launched its own story book to help children to give up sucking their thumb or finger, a habit which can create lasting dental problems.

‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’ is designed to accompany the child friendly thumb or finger glove which has proven so effective in helping children to give up sucking and prevent unnecessary and expensive dental treatment.

Jo Bates, founder and owner of Thumbsie, said: ‘Our solution has been so successful for so many families that we wanted to spread the Thumbsie message as widely as possible º children can give up thumb sucking and can do it easily and happily. So, we came up with the idea of writing a story book so that children can hear about the fun way to give up sucking.’

Dentist Dr Neil Harris has recommended Thumbsies to a lot of child patients and parents have said that they were very impressed by how quickly the habit disappeared.

He said: 'Having a solution like the Thumbsie is much better than letting a situation develop where a brace is needed.'

Ted, the hero of the book is determined to give up sucking his thumb before he starts school and the story tells the tale of his efforts to do just that and how he goes on to help other children who are struggling with sucking too.

The story sees him transform from a worried pre-schooler into a confident and thoughtful school pupil, all with the help of a dinosaur Thumbsie®.

The book has been carefully designed around the Thumbsie brand, by designer Lisa Miles of Creative Sofa and the story written by Rachel Edwards, a long-term friend of Jo Bates, owner of Thumbsie.

‘Thumbs Up for Ted’s Thumbsie’ will be available in January and would be an ideal addition to any waiting room.

For your waiting room copy, email Jo on hello@thumbsie.co.uk.

For more, visit www.thumbsie.co.uk