​The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry’s Outstanding Innovation Award in 2018 is open for entries.

The award, now in its second year, was established to give recognition to projects judged by the Society to be most effective at improving children’s oral health.

The winner of the award is given the opportunity to speak at BSPD’s conference.

Teeth Team was the winner in 2017 and Ingrid Perry, a founder of the programme and Secretary of the Hull-based charity, says: 'This award from BSPD has made a big difference to us. Since the announcement of winning the award, we have grown in size and reputation and the publicity around what we do has allowed us to share good practice. I could not be happier that the great work of so many people, has become an inspiration.'

She added: 'We have shown that we can make a difference and roll out something which started as a small community based initiative into a programme with the potential to go national.'

Ingrid also paid tribute to Chris Groombridge, owner of the 543 Dental Centre in Hull. 'Without financial support from Chris back in 2010, when the funding source was about to dry up, the programme would have been unsustainable and we would not have been able to make a difference to so many children’s lives.'

For the 2018 award, entries can be on paper or in electronic or poster format and the word count is a maximum of 400 words. Pictures which illustrate the project are welcome but not essential. There are two specifications:

  • You must be a BSPD member
  • You must meet the deadline of 31 January 2018.

The judging will be undertaken by BSPD’s Executive Committee at its February meeting. The key test is that the project benefits children or young people who may be at risk of dental decay.

Claire Stevens, President of BSPD, says: 'The award celebrates the work of BSPD members who can be working in any setting at any grade and may be dentists, dental care professionals or specialists. Membership is also open to non dental professionals who may also enter their scheme.'

BSPD members are asked to submit entries to the Society administrator – administrator@bspd.co.uk by 5pm on 31 January.