Allergan Aesthetics has launched the A-Z of Medical Aesthetics as the first step of its campaign to improve understanding of aesthetics and empower patients over 18 years of age to make informed choices.

Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company and a leader in medical aesthetics treatments, announced that it has embarked on a forward-thinking, collaborative programme that supports open and honest dialogue across the aesthetics industry.

The new programme, ‘Aesthetics Ethics,’ launches with a new guide, which is easily accessible on the Allergan Aesthetics website and was developed in response to a striking truth.

As of 2020, aesthetics procedures are set to grow globally by 14.3 per cent year on year until 2025.

Despite consumer interest in medical aesthetics rising, more than three-quarters of respondents surveyed by Allergan feel they do not know enough about non-surgical aesthetic treatments to make an informed opinion about having a treatment themselves.

  • Over two-thirds (69 per cent) of consumers want to be more informed about non-surgical aesthetic face and body treatments.
  • Nine in 102 consumers state they would be happy to tell their friends and family if they had a nonsurgical aesthetics treatment in the next year – suggesting that many people are now coming to view aesthetics as a normal step in a beauty or self-care routine and have an interest to learn more about these treatments.

The publication of the glossary comes within a year of the UK Department for Health and Social Care’s first Consultation paper regarding the licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England. As the sector grows, Allergan Aesthetics hopes a national focus on patient safety will improve education around such treatments for both practitioners and patients over 18 years of age.

The A-Z of Medical Aesthetics covers common vocabulary used by practitioners when discussing treatments across face, skin and body and is the first step in Allergan Aesthetics’ campaign to help educate those pursuing treatments so they can do so confidently and achieve their desired outcomes. Over the course of the next year, Allergan Aesthetics will be launching additional activities to improve public understanding of aesthetics and empower patients over 18 years of age looking to begin their treatment journey.

Discussing the launch, Sophie Shotter, Allergan Aesthetics key opinion leader and Allergan Medical Institute (AMI) Faculty member, said, “There’s no doubt that demand for aesthetic treatments is on the rise, with many consumers influenced by social media and what they see and read online. This means that it’s more important than ever that those of us responsible for delivering treatment, ensure that patient education is of the highest quality and that we promote honest conversations between practitioners and patients over 18 years of age so that anyone considering treatment has a full understanding of what’s possible, any risks involved, and how to determine where to go for treatment.

“Using Allergan’s A-Z of Medical Aesthetics, those interested in seeking treatment will be able to refer to the lexicon, which includes easy-to-understand language on common treatment terms which in turn will help to facilitate better discussions with their aesthetic practitioner and support patients over 18 years old to understand how or what to ask at their consultation.”

Djamshid Ghavami, general manager at Allergan Aesthetics UK&I, said, “At Allergan Aesthetics, we’re passionate about making sure everyone has the knowledge and understanding they need to make their own choices around aesthetic treatment. And, as with any treatment, it is vital that practitioners are providing high-quality, balanced and accurate information throughout the patient journey – but it’s also critical that patients and practitioners are speaking the same language. That’s why we’ve launched our A-Z of Medical Aesthetics.

“By providing good quality, reliable and accurate content on aesthetic terms, our A-Z of Medical Aesthetics will not only help practitioners to facilitate an open dialogue around medical aesthetic treatments so they can offer the best possible advice, but it will also support consumer education so that all prospective patients over 18 years of age can make informed and confident decisions about their aesthetic journey.”

The guide is publicly available for both consumers and healthcare professionals and is available to download on the Allergan Aesthetics website.