The clause stressed the move would not prevent any use of titles such as ‘veterinary nurse’, ‘dental nurse’ or ‘nursery nurse’.

Dawn previously warned that currently “almost anyone could use the title, adding, “It is important that we truly respect the experience and expertise of a registered nurse.”

Speaking in commons, she explained the amendment was about the “safety and protection of patients and the public.

“It is quite shocking to understand that anybody can call themselves a nurse, whether they have any qualifications… or whether they have no qualifications at all, they can actually call themselves a nurse.

“And as we know, when somebody calls themselves a nurse, it gives them a certain standing in society automatically think they know what they’re doing.”

She highlighted examples of “tragic and devastating consequences” when people misused the title.

“We’ve got this opportunity to put this right today,” said Ms Butler. “In fact, I think it’s dangerous not to put it right today.

The amendment, which states, “A person may not practise or carry-on business under any name, style of title containing the word ‘nurse’ unless that person is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council”, was dismissed by Edward Argar, health minister.

He reasoned that whilst he could “understand where she is coming from with her amendment”, he would not accept it as currently drafted. He expanded on this, explaining that it did not address "fundamental challenges" around how this change would impact other professional groups such as dental nurses and veterinary nurses.

304 MPs voted against the move, versus 240 who were in support.