Join us for FREE and CPD hours at this online virtual event for the dental profession

Dental Showcase has moved online this year to ensure you have every opportunity to embrace new learning from the safety of your own home.

The virtual presentations have something for everyone and the event offers opportunity to gain some CPD hours.

BDIA Dental Showcase On Demand (22-26 March 2021) includes presentations that will both inspire your career pathway and enhance your skillsets.

Sara Hurley, chief dental officer for England, is the keynote speaker and she will offer an overview of the past year, plus shares the latest government updates.

Particularly relevant to dental nurses, presentations include a discussion by members of the Dental Professional Alliance on the appropriate utilisation of DCPs in practice – for the benefit of patients and efficiency.

Fiona Ellwood, of the Society of British Dental Nurses and editorial board member of Dental Nursing, hosts this discussion and is joined by Debbie McGovern, president of the British Association of Therapists, Diane Rochford, president of the British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy, and Amanda Borthwick, of the Orthodontic Therapists Society.

Another editorial board member of Dental Nursing, Preetee Hylton, will join Victoria Wilson, dental therapist and founder of Smile Revolution, and Laura McClune, professional eduction and business manager at Philips, in an interactive roundtable on oral health promotion where you'll get the chance to ask your most pressing questions to the speakers, and even share your own experiences alongside other audience members. Make the most of this opportunity to network, share and exchange!

Spaces are limited to 30 participants to encourage engagement and participation. The first 30 people to enter the session on the day will be admitted before the room is closed. Register using the button on the right to add it to your My Event tab.

Annette Matthews, dental therapist and facial aesthetic practitioner, will talk about your role in the early detection of skin cancer and melanoma and dental hygienist and therapist Anna Middleton and dietitian Sophie Medlin will talk about collaborative oral health and nutrition care for patients.

There is also a look at new ways to treat children with learning disabilities and autism, a discussion on racism within the profession with dental hygienist student Chinwe Akuonu and dental student Jade Kwaku, and Andrew Gilliver, of the LGBT Foundation, offers a guide to strengthening and developing dental teams’ relationships with LGBT patients.

Meanwhile, specialist periodontist Reena Wadia offers tips on the management of phobic patients, including the use of The Wand for local anaesthesia and FTA Law employment solicitor Sarah Buxton offers an overview of employment law and dentistry.

Lifestyle, stress and wellbeing

Plus, the Foodie Dentist, Surina Sehgal, will host a roundtable discussion on whether a review of wider lifestyle factors and how they might play a bigger role in actively managing patients’ oral health – and even lead to improved overall health.

She will also be discussing how lifestyle factors, such as nutrition, stress, sleep, hydration and medical status, can have an impact on oral health and how dental professionals can have positive discussions with patients to empower meaningful behaviour change.

Dr Shalini Nayee talks about a new initiative for dental teams that brings together all of the wellbeing resources available in the UK to help them better understand and maintain their mental health and wellbeing, whilst Dr Bashar Al-Naher offers his insight into how teams can overcome the obstacles and take control.

And dental hygienist and dental therapist Megan Fairhall will highlight the importance of general wellbeing. She will take you through the steps she follows, how she has created the perfect work-life balance and how you can, too!

In clinic

There will be an overview of the concept of minimally invasive dentistry (MID), including key aspects and principles relating to caries risk factors and their relationship to MID approaches and caries management.

Plus, don't miss the presentation on the updated Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-ray equipment, 2nd edition, that were published in October 2020.

Dentist Tif Qureshi will look at how enhanced every day dental examinations, and Dr Jane Lelean will discuss tele-dentistry and how it can increase conversions, as well as decrease complaints.

There will also be a look at record keeping to refresh your thought process to note keeping and record taking. Plus, there's a detailed insight into enamel and enamel erosion and provide dental professionals with a detailed understanding of enamel composition and erosive tooth wear.

There is also fresh insight into how preventive dentistry can propel your dental practice to greater heights, with dental hygienist Flora Couper, and Melanie Pomphrett will talk about the Zoom boom and how the whole team can optimise whitening in practice.

BDIA Dental Showcase On Demand is not to be missed. You can browse the virtual exhibition and hold face-to-face meetings with 100 leading suppliers over video to discuss and discover new solutions.

Dental teams can find out more information about exhibitors via the instant chat.

BDIA Dental Showcase On Demand programme will provide a new channel for learning with CPD-certified panel discussions, lectures and more.

Tune in to hear the latest policy updates, business advice and clinical techniques from leaders in the field across the free sessions. You’ll take away best practice tips to help guide your practice through these challenging times.

The conference programme is designed for the whole practice team, so there’s something for everyone.

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