Public Health England’s One You has teamed up with Drinkaware to launch a new Drink Free Days campaign.

It can be easy for people to get into the habit of drinking alcohol most nights but the reality is, it isn’t good for their long term health.

What many people don’t realise is that regularly drinking alcohol above low risk levels can significantly increase the risk of developing a range of health conditions such as heart disease and seven types of cancer including breast cancer.

The solution – more Drink Free Days
The UK’s Chief Medical Officers suggest one way to reduce these risks is by taking more drink free days each week. Research shows that it’s a solution that is popular and palatable with the target audience because it is simple and achievable.

If they use PHE’s One You Drink Free Days app they’ll be better prepared for success.

Drink Free Days campaign

The campaign, which will include radio and digital advertising as well as PR, launched on 10 Sept 2018 and will run until 11 November.

Aimed at mid-life drinkers who fall into the Increasing and Higher Risk Drinking category, the campaign will highlight how drinking can creep up on people unnoticed and the harm it could be doing.

It will then encourage people to take more drink free days by downloading the One You Drink Free Days app.

The campaign microsite,, also allows people to compare their drinking to others like them.

One You Drink Free Days App

The app is free to download. Helpful features include:

  • Simple and practical tips to help control drinking
  • Easy to update and track Drink Free Days
  • Receive reminders when needed most
  • Celebrate milestones when reaching targets.
Download the free resources

Click here – – to browse and download free resources that you can use to support the campaign locally. These include: social media assets, a poster and artwork for screens in GP surgeries, council buildings and other health and community settings.