​The British Orthodontic Society’s Against The Odds award in 2018 is now open for entries.

The award was set up to find and celebrate the best stories of orthodontic treatment and showcases the transformative power of braces.

Sponsored by Ormco Europe, the award is open to children and adults and is now in its 12th year.

The most recent winner was 17-year-old Lubo Rnic from Bristol whose tooth straightening – https://www.bos.org.uk/News-and-Events/News – was inspired by speech and language therapist Sarah Barnett.

Lubo’s orthodontic treatment was carried out by Bristol-based orthodontist Dr Peter Thomas after Sarah suggested that orthodontics might help Lubo with his speech and saliva control.

Dr Thomas achieved a great result and Lubo was able to realise his dream and play the trumpet and join his school orchestra.

Entrants are asked to describe in 500 words their experience of treatment, including the role of the orthodontist.

The first prize is £750 worth of travel vouchers for the patient and a trophy for the orthodontist.

Due to a few refinements made to forms this year, entrants and orthodontists are encouraged to download the latest version of the entry form, available here. https://www.bos.org.uk/Public-Patients/Against-the-Odds

The deadline for entries is 31 August 2018.