YouTube should ban videos demonstrating DIY braces.

That's according to the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) that is recommending the introduction of more robust editorial control by the video-sharing platform of any footage demonstrating and promoting so-called 'DIY braces'.

Joe Noar, BOS Director of Clinical Governance, says that videos which encourage young people to try a DIY approach to teeth-straightening should be taken down from the platform as soon as possible.

He said: 'Orthodontics requires great skill and understanding and attempts to straighten teeth without the supervision of a suitably qualified dental practitioner could lead to future problems with the bite and damage to the teeth.'

Mr Noar highlighted the position statement already published by the BOS – warning of the risks of DIY braces.

He said that the BOS supports the call already made by the British Dental Association for DIY brace videos to be removed.