Award-winning Dr Andrea Ubhi and leading implant surgeon, Dr Adam Glassford, released their new book this week, 'The Essential Guide to Dental Implants – Learn Insider Secrets and Avoid Costly Mistakes'.”

This no-nonsense guide is for both professionals and patients and has a full overview of the implant journey, and includes a surgeon’s perspective and patients’ stories. It not only shows the benefits of dental implants, but also covers the pitfalls that referring dentists and patients need to know, before going ahead.

Andrea said: 'Did you know that the biting force of natural teeth is approximately 150-250 psi, and that this can drop to 5.6 psi with full dentures? No wonder some of our edentulous patients are struggling to maintain healthy nutrition and great health into old age. This is reducing the lifespan of patients, with some research suggesting by a shocking 9.8 years! Missing teeth is a massive epidemic that is having serious consequences on our nation’s health.'

Adam added: 'Every week we have patients who are overwhelmed at the positive change in their lives due to having missing teeth replaced with dental implants. Just this week, one patient said he couldn’t stop eating apples, as he’d not been able to eat them for decades! However, there are pitfalls and costly mistakes to be avoided for implants to be successful.'

The Essential Guide to Dental Implants is available on Amazon and is suitable for both patients and professionals.

All profits are going to Asha Nepal, supporting trafficking survivors.