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Denmark top of the list

A new European study has been published that examines tooth decay, sugar consumption, as well as state-funded measures, such as the number of dental schools and dentists, in 26 countries.

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Thumbsie gets accreditation

A company that makes thumb-sucking guards and was founded by a mum who saw a gap in the market for positive support has won support from the Oral Health Foundation.

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Menthol cigarettes banned

Menthol cigarettes are banned from the UK this week day in a bid to stop youngsters taking up smoking.

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Mouthwash and COVID-19

Scientists are calling for urgent research into whether mouthwash can reduce transmission of coronavirus in its early stages.

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Why I can’t live without

Amber Ojak considers the importance of your professional support for a dental hygiene or therapist in practice

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Four-handed dentistry

Dentistry can only be delivered with dental nurses at chairside for all clinicians if the profession is to find a workable way forward amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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Dental nurses virus exposure

Whilst dental nursing is the occupation with the highest potential exposure to disease, healthcare workers were not found to have higher rates of deaths involving COVID-19.

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International Nurses Day

The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) is paying tribute to dental nurses to mark International Nurses Day 2020 today (Tuesday).

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COVID-19 and dentistry

How many of us have questioned out attitudes towards our day-to-day living circumstances in these strange and unpleasant times?

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BSPD award

​The inspirational winner of BSPD’s 2020 Outstanding Innovation Award is Community Dental Officer Linzi Maybin for her Happy Teeth project.

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COVID-19: Guide to face mask

On 28 April, Nicola Sturgeon said there could be 'some benefit' in wearing a cloth face covering in places where social distancing was difficult. But how do we know what masks are suitable for different environments? Here’s Dental Sky’s guide to face masks...

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For blog’s sake

As a dental professional, you are encouraged to broaden boundaries and add to you skillset in order to excel in your career.

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Dental nurses test for virus

Dental nurses working in community dental care and from Scotland's Childsmile teams are now working at local drive-through COVID-19 testing centres for key workers.