​Curasept has established a new official partnership with the British Society of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry (BSP).

The BSP researches, debates and actively gets involved in issues that affect its members and their work. It promotes periodontology and dental implantology and is dedicated to raising awareness among the public, patients and both dental and medical professionals. Dental nurses, as associate members of the BSP, will have access to monthly and annual newsletters, reduced registration fees to the annual conference, and free registration to a stimulating webinar programme with CPD.

This recognition from a professional body by becoming a partner sponsor means that Curasept can blend its own visions and values with that of the BSP, so both can continue to promote the importance of and improve gum health.

Solutions that work
Curasept, available from J&S Davis in the UK, offers a range of anti-bacterial oral rinses, toothpastes and gels. Solutions are formulated to treat and prevent a range of conditions using the trusted antiseptic powers of chlorhexidine – minus the common side effects, such as tooth staining and taste impairment. Thanks to the patented anti-discolouration system (ADS) and the added xylitol, patients can use Curasept’s range of products with total peace of mind.

Curasept has also specifically formulated solutions for patients with dental implants. The Curasept ADS Implant solution contains, alongside chlorhexidine and the patented ADS technology, PVP-VA and hyaluronic acid. Curasept Implant ADS aids in balancing tissue fluids and supports healing and tissue repair for patients undergoing dental implant surgery.

Quality solutions throughout the years
For over 100 years, J&S Davis has been proudly supplying industry-leading, high-quality solutions from a range of trusted and leading manufacturers, including Curasept. Changes within dentistry are constantly occurring, and J&S Davis is dedicated to keeping abreast of all the latest advances within the industry, helping their customers to do the same. They care about what they do – this shows through their exceptional customer service and their ethos of always providing high-quality products to their customers. Because J&S Davis is an exclusive UK distributor, they have the freedom to put their customers first in everything they do. This also affords them the flexibility to pioneer in new areas of development.

Steve Brown, the sales and marketing director of J&S Davis, comments on Curasept’s partnership with the BSP, “J&S Davis itself thrives because everyone working in it feels similarly about the products we sell and the profession we serve. Curasept’s partnership with the BSP just goes to show that we only provide products that are trusted and will provide our customer’s patients with the promised results. For anyone that would like to know more about how the Curasept range could improve their patient care, our team are only ever a phone call or email away.”

By staying ahead of the curve on issues and topics regarding periodontology and dental implantology, as well as recommending products that are tried and tested, dental professionals can better optimise treatment outcomes and help patients maintain good oral health for all the years to come.