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Shout about infection control

Jenny Nixon explains why informing your patients about infection control procedures will reassure them it’s safe to visit

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Rebecca Waters asks, what influences your infection control decisions?

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Oral pathogens

In this Q&A, Yatao Liu simplifies infection control protocols without sacrificing health and safety

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Gearing up to success

We hear from Manjit Gill about the benefit of sharing and cascading infection control knowledge

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Handy hints

With almost two thirds of practices unable to welcome back staff and patients, microbiologist Enrico Allegra considers how dental teams can help to halt the spread of COVID-19

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Is your handpiece contaminated

The cleaning and disinfection of dental handpieces has never been more important. As the industry comes to terms with a new operating paradigm, staff and patients need to be sure equipment is safe

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Smart measures

Michael Bentley weighs up the cost and benefits of infection control in a changing dental environment

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PPE: at the heart of dentistry

The past four months have been a tumultuous time for the dental sector. But as practices prepare to go back to work, what is the PPE supply situation?

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A guide to face masks

Face masks are high in demand but how do we know what masks are suitable for different environments? Here, the team at Dental Sky offers some insight

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Clinical director

A robust decontamination system is the bedrock of every successful dental practice. But decontamination is far from straightforward. Here’s why.

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Look sharp!

Fiona Ellwood considers the results of the Society of British Dental Nurses’ needlestick injury survey and suggests the number remains alarming