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The Society of British Dental Nurses East Midlands branch is hosting its 4th Dental Symposium in the East Midlands. Louise Smith reports...

We are fortunate to be able to offer this networking opportunity where the focus is particularly on the dental nurse, but also welcomes all members of the dental team. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues, share experience and examples of good practice and the challenges we often face. We encourage student dental nurses to come along too and gain insight to future opportunities and add to their learning experience.

When planning this year’s symposium the East Midlands – taking place Saturday 6 April at Jury In East Midlands Airport – the branch wanted to look at the here and now and respond to the requests for speakers from the delegates of the 2018 symposium. The mantra of the Society for 2019 is to inspire dental nurses, to encourage them to think outside the box, to create a vision of what their future could look like and to seek out opportunities. This really means that there needs to be some blue sky thinking if that dream job is to become real.

This year there is the opportunity to hear about the journey to becoming a hygiene therapist and what that looks like as a career choice. We are, of course, aware that progression is not for everyone; the speakers will enhance your current skills and offer key hints and tips to ensure you are up to date and that the patients receive the best care. There are so many reasons to attend the symposium, it is a fantastic social event which is supported by leading members of the dental trade and who are at hand to give you advice.

This event is a real opportunity to spend some quality time celebrating our profession and all things dental nursing as we look at the ‘here and now’ and help you design your future. Join us in on your learning journey and perhaps get involved in the 2020 symposium, you never know what’s around the corner – what you will do when opportunity comes knocking…

Speaker line-up

Alex Keir was the first male civilian dental nurse in Scotland to be qualified and registered.

He qualified in 2002 from Edinburgh Telford College.

He did his training whilst working in NHS and private GDPs, until he moved to NHS Lothian in 2002 where he still worked in casualty for 15 years before being promoted to the principal dental nurse at the Edinburgh Dental Institute.

He is the Scottish representative for the Society of British Dental Nurses. He is also on the editorial board for Dental Nursing and an examiner for National Examining Board for Dental Nurses. Alex is a specialist in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and a first aid and medical emergency trainer.

A different approach to dealing with anxious patients: cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)


ν To introduce the use and benefits of CBT for dentally anxious patients

ν To provide patients with an alternative/adjunct to sedation and GA

ν To provide the dental team with a better understanding of how CBT works

ν To provide CBT within the dental environment.


ν Acknowledge the benefits of the use of CBT

ν Provide better and more streamlined patient care

ν Better use of resources.

Learning content:

ν Less external referrals for sedation and GA

ν Better use of clinical staff time

ν Beneficial to patients and staff.

GDC development outcomes:

ν A B C D in part

Diane Rochford began her career in dentistry as a dental nurse before qualifying as a dental hygienist at Guys Hospital, London, in March 1996. Joining Dr. Linda Greenwall’s team in September 1996 where she continues to work as an extended duties dental hygienist in the practice. Since 2008, Diane has been teaching with Dr Greenwall on her dental bleaching courses in the UK and overseas, before teaching her own one-day theory and hands-on courses specifically for dental hygienists and therapists since 2010. Diane completed her BSc (Hons) degree in Dental Studies at UCLAN in 2016 and is currently President Elect for BSDHT. Diane was the lead on clinical photography on the FDSc for dental nurses at University of Chester and shares these skills nationally.

Dental photography


ν To provide knowledge that can help dental nurses achieve a good standard of dental photography within a clinical setting.


ν Define the ole and responsibilities of dental nurses undertaking dental photography in dental practice

ν Recognise the key features of a camera, their functions and accessories used to create quality images

ν Identify the standard images taken to record the necessary information and what is an acceptable – and unacceptable – standard.

Learning content:

ν Suggest strategies to implement dental photography in everyday dental practice

ν Take a set of standard images with good patient management

GDC development outcomes:

ν A B C D in part

Lucy Elsey is a dental therapist who qualified from King’s College in 2011. Since then, Lucy has spent the last seven years carrying out her full remit as a dental therapist, having an array of experience – from working in hospital, community to NHS and private practice. Lucy also worked for the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy as their regional group co-ordinator.

She is now working at a mixed NHS and private practice in Northamptonshire and also as a staff hygienist at Birmingham Dental Hospital on the periodontal department. On top of that, she is undertaking BSc (Hons) Dental Studies course at UCLan after graduating from Greenwich University with her teaching qualification.

Lucy delivers additional duty courses to dental nurses and advises for the Society on the route to hygiene therapy.

Having the confidence to open that door


ν To provide delegates with the skills to help them with career progression.


ν Identify areas of interest for career progression

ν Apply selected mentoring activities to aid in career progression

ν Explore areas of interest, utilising PDP

ν Identify the career pathway to be dental hygienist and dental therapist.

Learning content:

ν Delegates should have a better understanding of the route to therapy and the role itself.

GDC Development Outcomes:

ν B and C in part

Janet Pickles is the chair for RA Medical Services Ltd. In existence since February 1994, the company is celebrating 25 years this year. Janet has been in the business since the 1960s. She originally trained as an SRN specialising in surgery and acute medicine. The company has grown and expanded to cover the whole of the UK ,ROI and offshore island for supply, maintenance and installation of inhalation sedation and related products, such as scavenging and medical gas pipeline systems.

Janet will discuss the history of inhalation sedation from the 1960s into the 21st century, covering both historical context and the move forward.

Digitalisation of sedation in the 21st century


ν Bring perspective to 21st-century inhalation sedation, equipment and its relevance.


ν Provide an overview of Inhalation sedation, equipment and its relevance

ν Highlight areas of concern regarding practical training issues, use and care

ν Contextualise digitalisation and its benefits to the team and the patient.

Learning content:

ν Delegates should be aware of the importance of understanding how inhalation sedation equipment developed, particularly with regards to the UK and how it relates to 21st-century patient care

ν To understand the importance of being able to name equipment used on a daily basis

ν To understand the role of each member of dental staff in the preparation and maintenance of the inhalation sedation equipment.

GDC development outcomes:

ν B C D

Emma Riley has more than 25 years’ experience as a dental nurse and oral health educator and spent 17 years working as a dental nurse specialist and oral health educator at the Pennine Acute Hospital Trust in Manchester. The last seven of those years, she worked as the Macmillan oral health practitioner – the only role of its kind in the UK. During this time, she has presented both nationally and internationally on the importance of oral health and has also had articles published on her role and oral health. She is currently the chair of the SBDN and an ambassador as the expert on oncology and oral health and advises on end of life care and oral health for patients with complex health issues. In her current role for RIS Healthcare, Emma continues to champion oral health.

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it


ν To inspire the delegates to believe in their own progression within their chosen work.


ν Analyse the barriers encountered for dental nurses

ν Recognise the value within themselves

ν Advocate change and improve patient care

Learning content:

ν The delegate will evaluate and analyse and challenge their own working practice and formulate a future plan

GDC development outcomes:

ν A B D in part

Katherine Pearce is currently the dental nurse manager at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and has been involved on a part-time voluntary basis in forensic odontology for more than 10 years. Katherine began her career working as a civilian dental nurse for the military and has continued as part of the UK Disaster Victim Identification team. Her latest deployments have included the Manchester Bombing and the Grenfell Tower fire. She will shed a different light on dental nursing in an area that is often overlooked. Katherine is a co-opted member of the Society.


ν To give an overview of forensic dentistry

ν To give an overview of disaster victim identification

ν To give an overview of the role of the DCP in forensic dentistry.


ν To gain knowledge and understanding of odontology

ν To gain knowledge and understanding of the identification process

ν To gain knowledge and understanding of how DCPs can engage/become involved with forensic dentistry

Learning content:

ν Awareness of the processes for DCPs in forensic dentistry

ν To gain insight into a ‘day in the life of a DCP’ involved with the forensic process

Appreciate the need for good communication and multidisciplinary team approach necessary to manage mass disasters.

GDC development outcomes:

ν A B C D in part

The East Midlands Annual Dental Nurse Symposium 2019 takes on place Saturday 6 April from 8.45am until 4.30pm at Jury In East Midlands Airport, Ashby Road, Castle Donington, Derby DE74 2SH. You can earn 5.5 hours of verifiable CPD. To book, visit