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Hidden messages

Trudie Dawson discusses the art of active listening and the skill of reading body language

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Christine MacLeavy considers the effective application of fluoride varnish in this peer-reviewed CPD article

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A clear alternative

Marie Bones shares her experience of Invisalign – and consider the role of the dental nurse

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Oral care for head and neck

When a patient is diagnosed with head and neck cancer, their oral health will likely be the last thing on their mind. Dentist Francesca Capaldi and dental nurse Catriona Arnott explain the best approach

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Use of clinical photography

Kelly Henderson considers how photography as a dental record can aid your practice, clinical skills and become your indisputable evidence should you need it.

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Calming a storm

Lesley Redman considers the importance of oral desensitisation in relation to dementia and additional needs

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New denture care advice

Global guidelines have been announced to tackle the wealth of inconsistent and contradictory advice on the best care and maintenance of full dentures

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Debunking dental myths

Patients are full of interesting information gleaned from the internet. Here, dental therapist Melonie Prebble wades through the good, the bad and the alarming to offer some guidance on what to say when confronted with those questionable ‘facts’

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An overview

Emma Male explores the function and components of the digestive system

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Having the post-registration qualification of dental radiography under your belt can expand your horizons, your practical skills, and the scope of your professional life. Hannah Fullerton explains how this new aspect to your role adds extra responsibility and focus