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An inspiring journey

Rock musician Mikko von Hertzen speaks with Dental Nursing about his position as a psoriasis and oral health advocate.

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A gateway to infection

Dental Nursing speaks to Jukka Meurman, discussing the impact of oral health problems on multiple other health conditions.

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Teenage kicks

Kimberley Lloyd-Rees asks whether oral piercings are an appealing form of self-expression or a dental nightmare.

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Going cold turkey

Julia Svec explains why bruxism is a habit patients need to get out of.

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Keeping record

Charlotte Wake outlines the importance of clear record keeping in the practice.

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Heroes in disguise

Lauren Harrop details her challenging dental journey, and how far she has come.

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At home in the biome

Kimberley Lloyd-Rees emphasises the importance of supporting healthy flora in the mouth.

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Delivering care

Clementine Rees Brown asks dental nurse Rebecca Power about her experiences regarding perinatal and postnatal health.