What will you do beyond boundaries to make 2018 your year?

In last month’s Dental Nursing magazine, we heard from Charlotte Wake who asked if dental nurses have a responsibility to communicate with patients using sign language. A few of you said you had already undertaken the British Sign Language examination and had, on occasion, found a need to use it in practice.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a deaf beauty blogger and YouTuber and married to Claudia Fozard, an associate dentist at Ball Tree Dental Care in West Sussex. Having read the article, their input was interesting. Jessica says: ‘Like most people who have difficulties with their hearing, I have experienced challenges communicating in a healthcare situation. Healthcare professionals are often confused because I use my voice – but I also wear hearing aids, so they need to ask before assuming I can hear them just fine.’

They believe it is important for dental teams to be aware that there are many variations of deafness, and that deaf people use different ways to communicate. As Claudia observes: ‘As with any patients who struggle to communicate, there is of course a risk that they may misunderstand what treatment is being provided. Have they turned down an option they would otherwise have chosen had they better understood it?’


With all this in mind, what plans do you have next year for building on your career to the benefit of youtr patients? Will you be expanding your horizons and extending your duties? With ECPD for dental nurses planned for August, the ECPD cycle will allow dental nurses to tailor their learning needs so they are in line with specific requirements, allowing for reflection.

It may be worth reading up on the GDC’s plans.


Planning is a misunderstood and frequently overlooked process, but Glenys Bridges recognises that many of us ‘drift along, simply reacting to events’. As a result, we may fail to reach our potential. She shares her tips on how to plan ahead in this issue.

Also featured in the last issue of 2017, Michelle Reid, a dental nurse who is also a trustee of the charity, Dental Mavericks. She’s a strong believer that getting outside your comfort zone reaps professional benefits and that volunteering is a valuable learning curve. As she explains: ‘You can learn new skills and change your own life while changing other people’s for the better.’

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