You and CPD

What is CPD?

The General Dental Council (GDC) defines continuing professional development (CPD) as:

Study, training courses, seminars, reading and other activities undertaken by a dental professional, which could reasonably be expected to advance his or her development as a dental professional.

Undertaking CPD is compulsory and key to maintaining your place on the Dental Care Professional (DCP) register.

CPD can be verifiable or non-verifiable.

Verifiable CPD has clear aims, outcomes and objectives, coupled with quality control measures, and carries documentary proof of completion/participation. This includes

  • attending conferences
  • completing online CPD tests

Non-verifiable CPD (general CPD) encompasses all self-directed activities that will benefit your lifelong learning, such as (but not limited to):

  • reading books
  • reading journals

What's required?

As a registered dental nurse you are required to demonstrate 150 hours of CPD over a 5-year cycle. A minimum of 50 hours of this requirement must be verifiable CPD.

Core knowledge topics

The GDC has also set a series of core topics for your CPD. These are:

  • Medical emergencies (at least 10 verifiable hours on this topic over the 5-year period)
  • Disinfection and decontamination (at least 5 verifiable hours over 5 years)
  • Radiography / radiation protection (at least 5 verifiable hours over 5 years)

And for dental nurses working in a clinical environment (either non-verifiable or verifiable):

  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Complaints handling

Remember that CPD is not restricted to just these topics; these are the mandatory requirements from the GDC but CPD can be carried out in any subject relevant to your work.

To see more about how Dental Nursing can help you on the road to CPD, click on Why Dental Nursing?

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