NEBDN National Certificate in Dental Nursing Course

Location: South-West


To be accepted, students must be working full or part-time as a DN, or have had experience as a DN.                                                                  

These year-long Dental Nursing Courses prepare students for The National Certificate in Dental Nursing awarded by the NEBDN. A year is just the right length of time, allowing student DNs to learn what the NEBDN require in a calm relaxed way.

The qualification allows DNs to apply to the GDC to become registered.

The NEBDN exams are on the 3rd Sat of every May & Nov. The courses are taught to the NEBDN syllabus and it is emphasised to all student DNs that every practice is different and that it is important that they fit in with the methods/protocols of their own practices.

There is no requirement [as required for an NVQ] for the many practice visits by assessors.                                                                    

Please realise that the NVQ also requires a written examination

After passing the examination the NEBDN awards a certificate which can be displayed at your practice.

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